Supply Nidec-Shimpo Parallel Shaft Planetary Gearmotors ERMK-71NF-5500


Due to the wide variety of Shimpo products, it is best to provide nameplates and drawings for consultation. If you need to select models, please provide specific parameters and application conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HSH:sales@hshmachinery.com

Nidec-Shimpo Brand New Original Authentic

M & MK:Motorized type
K:Motor flanged (coupling) type
NO indication:Motorless type
Mounting Direction:
Frame size M, A, B, & C
No indication:Base mount
V:Flange mount
R:Ring mount *Horizontal, Vertical (shaft down & shaft up) are possible.
Frame size D, NE, NF, & NG
No indication:Horizontal, Base mount
V:Vertical (shaft down), Flange mount
I:Vertical (shaft up), Flange mount
X:Horizontal, Flange mount
Y:Vertical (shaft down), Flange mount
Z:Vertical (shaft up), Flange mount
R:Ring mount
S:Ring mount (shaft down)
T:Ring mount (shaft up)

Please provide the nameplate, serial number, power, speed, application environment and other related product information as much as possible when inquiring about reducer and motor products.

HSH Machinery supplies full range of transmission products including standard gearboxes, industrial application gearboxes, servo gearbox,couplings, motors,bearings,belts ,chains? etc., focusing on key technologies such as wind power, cement, mining, oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater, ships, conveyors and cranes industry. For more information, please contact us by email: sales@hshmachinery.com

Few models we provide:


In addition to the above models, we also provide various specifications of? gear motors,? speed gear motors, sterile gear motors, planetary gear motors planetary gearbox??worm gear reducers??couplings of APEX , Boston , Dodge , Bonfiglioli,Flender,Nord,Rossi,SEW and so on.sales@hshmachinery.com

Shimpo Reducer




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