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SEW-EURODRIVE Gear Units??Gearmotors??Motors Brand new original authentic

HSH Machinery provides a full range of SEW products, regular channels, and 100% guarantee of original authenticity: SEW gear units (standard gear units, servo gear units, stainless steel gear units, explosion-proof gear units), SEW gearmotors (standard gearmotors, stainless steel gearmotors, variable speed gearmotors, servo gearmotors), SEW motor (servo motor, AC motor), SEW industrial gearbox (industrial gearbox, helical gear reducer/bevel gear-helical gear reducer, planetary gearbox) and so on.

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Please provide the nameplate, serial number, power, speed, application environment and other related product information as much as possible when inquiring about reducers and motor products.

Helical Gearmotors





Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors

FA..B ,Foot mounting/hollow shaft/single key:FA27B ,FA37B,FA47B,FA57B,FA67B,FA77B,FA87B,FA97B,FA107B,FA127B,FA157B

F.. ,Foot mounting: F27,F37,F47,F57,F67,F77,F87,F97,F107,F127,F157,

FV..B, Foot mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline:FV27B ,FV37B, FV47B ,FV57B, FV67B, FV77B, FV87B ,FV97B ,FV107B, FV127B, FV157B
FH..B, Foot mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk: FH27B, FH37B, FH47B, FH57B, FH67B, FH77B, FH87B, FH97B, FH107B, FH127B, FH157B
FF.. ,B5 flange installation: FF27, FF37, FF47 ,FF57, FF67, FF77, FF87, FF97, FF107, FF127, FF157
FAF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key:FAF27 ,FAF37, FAF47, FAF57, FAF67, FAF77, FAF87 ,FAF97, FAF107 ,FAF127, FAF157
FVF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline: FVF27 ,FVF37 ,FVF47, FVF57, FVF67, FVF77, FVF87 ,FVF97, FVF107, FVF127, FVF157
FHF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk:FHF27, FHF37, FHF47, FHF57, FHF67 ,FHF77 ,FHF87,FHF97, FHF107, FHF127, FHF157
FA.. ,Hollow shaft mounting/single key:FA27 ,FA37, FA47, FA57, FA67 ,FA77, FA87, FA97 ,FA107, FA127, FA157
FV.. ,Hollow shaft mounting/spline:FV27 ,FV37 ,FV47 ,FV57,FV67 ,FV77, FV87, FV97 ,FV107, FV127, FV157
FH.. ,Hollow shaft mounting/shrink plate:FH27, FH37, FH47, FH57, FH67 ,FH77 ,FH87, FH97 ,FH107, FH127, FH157
FT.. ,Hollow shaft mounting / TorqLOC? hollow shaft:FT27 ,FT37, FT47, FT57, FT67, FT77, FT87, FT97, FT107, FT127 ,FT157
FAZ.. ,B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key:FAZ27 ,FAZ37, FAZ47, FAZ57 ,FAZ67, FAZ77 ,FAZ87, FAZ97, FAZ107, FAZ127, FAZ157
FVZ.. ,B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline:FA27B, FA37B, FVZ47, FVZ57 ,FVZ67 ,FVZ77, FVZ87, FVZ97 ,FVZ107, FVZ127, FVZ157
FHZ.. ,B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk:FV27B, FV37B, FHZ47, FHZ57, FHZ67 ,FHZ77 ,FHZ87, FHZ97, FHZ107 , FHZ127, FHZ157

Helical-Bevel Gearmotors

K.. ,Foot mounting: K37 ,K47, K57,K67, K77 ,K87 ,K97, K107 ,K127 ,K157, K167, K187
KA..B ,Foot mounting/hollow shaft/single key: KA37B, KA47B,KA57B ,KA67B, KA77B, KA87B ,KA97B, KA107B ,KA127B, KA157B, KA167B ,KA187B
KV..B, Foot mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline :KV37B,KV47B, KV57B,KV67B, KV77B, KV87B,KV97B, KV107B,KV127B, KV157B, KV167B ,KV187B
KH..B ,Foot mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk :KH37B, KH47B ,KH57B, KH67B, KH77B, KH87B, KH97B, KH107B,KH127B, KH157B, KH167B ,KH187B
KF.. ,B5 flange mounting :KF37 ,KF47 ,KF57 ,KF67, KF77, KF87, KF97, KF107 ,KF127, KF157 ,KF167 ,KF187
KAF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key: KAF37 ,KAF47 ,KAF57 ,KAF67 ,KAF77 ,KAF87 ,KAF97 ,KAF107, KAF127, KAF157, KAF167 ,KAF187
KVF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline :KVF37 ,KVF47 ,KVF57 ,KVF67 ,KVF77, KVF87, KVF97, KVF107, KVF127, KVF157 ,KVF167 ,KVF187
KHF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk :KHF37 ,KHF47 ,KHF57 ,KHF67 ,KHF77 ,KHF87 ,KHF97, KHF107, KHF127, KHF157, KHF167, KHF187
KA.., Hollow shaft mounting/single key :KA37 ,KA47, KA57 ,KA67, KA77, KA87 ,KA97 ,KA107 ,KA127 ,KA157 ,KA167, KA187
KV.., Hollow shaft mounting/spline KV37 ,KV47, KV57 ,KV67,KV77, KV87 ,KV97, KV107 ,KV127 ,KV157 ,KV167 ,KV187
KH.., Hollow shaft mounting/shrink plate KH37, KH47 ,KH57 ,KH67 ,KH77 ,KH87 ,KH97 ,KH107, KH127 ,KH157 ,KH167, KH187
KT.., Hollow shaft mounting / TorqLOC? hollow shaft KT37, KT47 ,KT57, KT67 ,KT77, KT87 ,KT97, KT107 ,KT127 ,KT157, KT167, KT187
KAZ.. ,B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key KAZ37, KAZ47 ,KAZ57 ,KAZ67 ,KAZ77 ,KAZ87, KAZ97,KAZ107, KAZ127, KAZ157, KAZ167 ,KAZ187
KVZ.. B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/DIN5480 spline KVZ37, KVZ47 ,KVZ57 ,KVZ67, KVZ77, KVZ87, KVZ97 ,KVZ107, KVZ127, KVZ157 ,KVZ167 ,KVZ187
KHZ.. B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk KHZ37 ,KHZ47 ,KHZ57 ,KHZ67 ,KHZ77, KHZ87 ,KHZ97, KHZ107 ,KHZ127, KHZ157, KHZ167, KHZ187

Helical-Worm Gearmotors
S.., Foot mounting S37, S47, S57, S67, S77 ,S87, S97
SF.. ,B5 flange imounting SF37, SF47, SF57,SF67 ,SF77 ,SF87 ,SF97
SAF.. ,B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key SAF37, SAF47 ,SAF57 ,SAF67 ,SAF77 ,SAF87, SAF97
SHF.., B5 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk SHF37 ,SHF47 ,SHF57, SHF67, SHF77, SHF87, SHF97
SA.., Hollow shaft mounting/single key SA37, SA47, SA57 ,SA67,SA77, SA87, SA97
SH.., Hollow shaft mounting/shrink plate SH37 ,SH47, SH57 ,SH67 ,SH77, SH87, SH97
ST.. ,Hollow shaft mounting/TorqLOC? hollow shaft ST37 ,ST47, ST57 ,ST67 ,ST77 ,ST87, ST97
SAZ.. ,B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/single key SAZ37 ,SAZ47, SAZ57 ,SAZ67 ,SAZ77 ,SAZ87 ,SAZ97
SHZ.., B14 flange mounting/hollow shaft/shrink disk SHZ37, SHZ47, SHZ57, SHZ67, SHZ77, SHZ87 ,SHZ97

SPIROPLAN? Right-Angle Gear Units (W)

TypeMaximum output Gear ratioGear ratio
W10253.91 ?? 75.00
W20406.57 ?? 75.00
W30706.57 ?? 75.00
W371103.5 … 70.00
W471803.5 … 70.00

In addition to the above models, we also provide various specifications of SEW pole-changing gear motors, variable speed gear motors, sterile gear motors, planetary gear motors and explosion-proof servo gear motors.sales@hshmachinery.com

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