Flender Helical Gear Units H3HV12 Three-stage Gear Units Supply

Due to the wide variety of Flender products, it is best to provide nameplates and drawings for consultation. If you need to select models, please provide specific parameters and application conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HSH:sales@hshmachinery.com

HSH Machinery supplies Flender’s full range of transmission products including standard gearboxes, industrial application gearboxes, couplings, etc., focusing on key technologies such as wind power, cement, mining, oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater, ships, conveyors and cranes. industry. If you have any needs, please contact us by email: sales@hshmachinery.com

Please provide the nameplate, serial number, power, speed, application environment and other related product information as much as possible when inquiring about reducer and motor products.

HSH Machinery-Flender Product Display

Flender Reducer

Some Models of SIEMENS Flender:

Flender H series helical gearbox

? H1SH3,H1SH5,H1SH7,H1SH9,H1SH11,H1SH13,
? H1SH15,H1SH17,H1SH19,H2SH4,H2SH5,H2SH6,H2SH7,H2SH8,H2SH9,H2SH10,H2SH11,H2SH12,H2SH13,H2SH14,
? H2SH15,H2SH16,H2SH17,H2SH18,H2SH19,H2SH20,H2SH21,H2SH22,H2SH23,H2SH24,
? H4SH15,H4SH16,H4SH17,H4SH18,H4SH19,H4SH20,H4SH21,H4SH22,H4SH23,H4SH24,

Flender B series bevel-helical gearbox

? B2SH15,B2SH16,B2SH17,B2SH18,B3SH4,B3SH5,B3SH6,B3SH7,B3SH8,B3SH9,B3SH10,B3SH11,

SIEMENS FLENDER gearbox spare parts

K38 KA38 KF38 KAD38 KAF38 KAZ38 KAS38 KADS38 KAFS38 KAZS38 K48 KA48 KF48
Z28, Z38, Z48,Z58,Z68 ,Z78,Z88 ,Z98,Z108 ,Z118,Z128 , Z138,Z148,Z158,Z168 ,
ZF28,ZF38, ZF48,ZF58,ZF68,ZF78,ZF88 ,ZF98, ZF108 ,ZF118,ZF128,ZF138, ZF148,ZF158,ZF168,
KAFS108 KAZS108 K128 KA128 KF128 KAD128 KAF128 KAZ128 KAS128 KADS128 KAFS128 KAZS128 K148
KA148 KF148 KAD148 KAF148 KAZ148 KAS148 KADS148 KAFS148 KAZS148 K168 KA168 KF168 KAD168
KAF168 KAZ168 KAS168 KADS168 KAFS168 KAZS168 K188 KA188 KF188 KAD188 KAF188 KAZ188 KAS188 KADS188 KAFS188

FLENDER couplings

RUPEX RWN 320,RuPex RWN 500,N-EUPEX 95,N-eupex A225,N-EUPEX H125,N-EUPEX H140,?N-EUPEX H180





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