Dodge 029902 IPB-375 FLG BK 90V 3/4

Due to the wide variety of DODGE,Baldor ,ABB Motors,Clutch,Brakes, it is best to provide nameplates and drawings for consultation. If you need to select models, please provide specific parameters and application conditions.
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Product Size

Voltage Rating
90 VDC

Shaft Attachment

Bore Size
0.75000 in

Static Torque
22.00 ft lb


Few Models

024018 DBSC/SS H.D. RECTIFIER KIT Clutch/Brake Parts & Accessories
027500 IEC-375 EL CLUTCH 90V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027501 IEC-375 EL CLUTCH 90V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027502 IEC-375 EL CLUTCH 6V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027503 IEC-375 EL CLUTCH 6V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027506 IEC-375 EL CLUTCH 24V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027550 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 90V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027551 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 90V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027552 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 6V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027553 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 6V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027556 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 24V 1/2 Shaft Mounted
027557 IEB-375 EL BRAKE 24V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027601 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 90V 3/4 Shaft Mounted
027603 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 6V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027604 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 6V 3/4 Shaft Mounted
027605 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 6V 7/8 Shaft Mounted
027609 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 24V 5/8 Shaft Mounted
027610 IEC-475 EL CLUTCH 24V 3/4 Shaft Mounted
027650 IEB-475 EL BRAKE 90V TL Shaft Mounted
027651 IEB-475 EL BRAKE 6V TL Shaft Mounted
The above are only part of the models. For other models, please contact HSH by

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